“Ruth Theodore, known for her quirky, insightful, poetic lyrics and insidious melodies, is excited to release her new single You Can’t Help Who You Love on June 10th 2016, through Aveline Records.

This is the first release from her eagerly awaited new album ‘Cactacus’ (due for release in September 2016), recorded with renowned producer Todd Sickafoose (Anais Mitchell/Ani Difranco). Ruth travelled and performed her way through California and up into Oregon, to work alongside a stellar cast of musicians including organist Rob Burger (Tom Waits, Willie Nelson), percussionist Mathias Kunzli (Regina Spektor, Lauryn Hill), and Violinist Jenny Scheinman (Lucinda Williams, Lou Reed).” – FOLK RADIO UK


“Her tales leave you breathless”


“Songs so quirky and unexpected that it’s impossible to imagine anyone else performing them”


“One of the most distinctive live performers, singers, song writers and guitarists has done it again!”