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Only 4 left!

We are really pleased at the response to ‘Earth to Shovel’ and we haven’t even released it to the press yet. I’m sure we’ll get round to it one day but its so reassuring to know that good old word of mouth is still breathing after all. Thanks everyone for reminding me! 🙂
To get one of the last 4 copies remaining… go ‘ere!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Al-pictureDrummer Al Branton, of Dear Lamp Love Moth Tour, holds up a diagram I have drawn of how I would like the dynamics to work in one of my new compositions… I didn’t tell him to make that face 🙂

Piano playing

Today I finished my first ever piece of Piano music. I’m told I play the piano like a drummer… Who knows if thats a compliment or not. I’m hoping the new track makes it in to the set list for our next show. On that note, apologies for the lack of shows me and the singers have been travelling around a bit so bit hard to pin us all down. More on their way soon!

Enjoy the sunshine x


don’t try this at home…

On week two of trying to get the impossible to be possible with my guitar set up and tuning madness Joe Kaye eventually asked me if I’d like to move in. Luckily the one custom hand wound and the other 1930’s blues pick up were finally kicked into action before I could fetch my toothbrush.

Photographed by Paul Hollingsworth.

Welcome to the new site!

Dear Everyone.

Apologies for neglecting this here website for so long. It feels good to be back in action. I will be posting regular updates about my general goings on for you from now on. So as promised…

Currently me and the lads (Elliot Jett, Jigh Ejakpovi and Wayne Thompson) are getting ready for our recording sessions next week. We’re recording on a River Boat in Hackney which I converted into an atmospheric studio over the last few months. It sounds great and comes with complimentary Duck and Moorhen sound effects! So I’ve been a little bit busy. More soon!

x Ruth

workingboys From left to right: Wayne, Jigh, Me, Elliot. Photographed by Loredana Denicola.