“Ruth Theodore is remarkable for the quirky originality of her writing with its constant changes of mood and pace. She switches styles like she were providing the sound track to the cross-cutting in an imaginary film” the guardian **** (2013) 

For over a decade I’ve been involved in the creating, realising and releasing of original records.   I began making music when I was fouteen on a four track tape machine in an attic and have since worked with some really outstanding contemporary music producers and musicians around the world and in some rather fancy studios.  

For years now, fellow musicians have come to me for advice on song structure, orchestration, arrangement and production and to date I have produced 3 of my own acclaimed solo records, co-produced two more, collaborated with top producers and written countless musical arrangements.

I am offering my full arrangement and production skills to musicians and artists who haven’t the inclination, confidence or perhaps simply experience enough to grow their own project from seed.  There are a million and one ways of making a record, writing and arranging the instrumentation, and recording the sounds, but none of us have time on this earth to try them all for ourselves. That’s when utilising other people’s experience comes in useful.

I believe every musician and piece of original music is unique and so the role of a producer must be flexible depending on the particular needs of each project. That’s what makes it all so exciting.

If you or an artist you represent would like to talk to me further please don’t hesitate to contact me to arrange an informal meeting.

“A flair for off kilter arrangements that constantly surprise. Emerging with a colouful battery of instrumentation”fRoots magazine (2013)

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